It looks like Disney World has "discovered" Ireland, thanks to IrishCentral!

Yesterday, our American in Ireland columnnist had the scoop that the Disney website -- which asks what country you're from when you're ordering tickets -- included nations like Guatemala, Belgium and Kuwait, but somehow managed to ignore the Emerald Isle!

Just about any country you could imagine was on the website's dropdown list, but not Ireland. Just to be certain, our man checked for "Ireland," "Northern Ireland," "the Republic of Ireland" and "Eire."

But Ireland, by any name, was nowhere. Until a sharp Irish eye emailed us today that te site had been fixed.

But today, like Mickey Mouse and Disney movie magic, Ireland has appeared on the giant tourism website! Poof!

The late great Walt Disney would likely not not have been very happy to learn of his company'ds oversight. His grandparents - Kepple Disney and Mary Richardson were both Irish immigrants. The name Disney was originally d'Isigny, which is a Norman name, and his family at some point found its way to the area around Counties Carlow and Kilkenny, from which Kepple left Ireland.

In fact, old Walt visited Ireland many times, and his affection for Ireland was what drove him to make the hit movie "Darby O'Gill and the Little People."

Disney's nephew Roy, who twice ran the Disney Corp., also loved Ireland. Roy used to come to Ireland regularly and bought Coolmain Castle in County Cork in the early 1980s.