British investigators have launched a probe after Irish soccer star James McClean received death threats for refusing to wear a club shirt specially embroidered with the Royal British Legion poppy.

The Sunderland winger was the only player who refused to wear the specially commissioned shirt, that featured a poppy on the chest as part of the Remembrance Sunday commemoration during his team’s game against Everton. Instead the Derry-born Republic of Ireland international asked to wear his usual shirt.

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An Phoblacht reports that Cody Lachey, a Manchester doorman sent threats to McClean via An Phoblacht and other newspapers and Twitter.

Lachey tweeted directly to An Phoblacht:” @codylachey50: @An_Phoblacht: Poppy bullies’ death threats against James McClean! Too right he deserves to be shot dead + body dragged past the cenotaph!! (SIC)” His Twitter account has since been suspended.

Police told reporters the ex-soldier's threats are being examined.

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In response to the controversy McClean put his poppyless shirt up for charity auction this week.
The 23-year-old intends to sell his shirt to the highest bidder in aid of a Dublin children’s cancer hospital.

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James McClean wears a poppy-less shirt against Everton vs Sunderland 2-1