A survey conducted by Research the City, a project being carried out through Trinity College in Dublin, has compiled information in order to map happiness across Ireland by county.

The short survey asks questions in regards to location in Ireland, as well as working status, how often the respondent feels in “good spirits,” income, and age.

The conductor of the project does note that there are some major “caveats” to the data that has been reported so far. Some counties have only reported a few data points, thus landing them on the extreme ends of the spectrum.

For instance, places like like Offaly and South Tipperary, which are both at the top of the scale currently, only have two or three respondents. Most of the data so far has come in from Dublin, and more urban areas like Cork City.

The project manager is constantly looking for more data to help compile the most accurate map. If you live in Ireland, why not take the two minutes to fill out the survey!


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