The conservative Irish religious group, the Iona Institute, has come out in favor of adoption by gay couples, over “Romanian-style” orphanages.

David Quinn, the director of the group, that promotes marriage and religion in society, made these comments after a High Court judge ruled that banning single people and gay couple from adopting children, in Northern Ireland, was discriminatory.

Quinn clarified his comments by stating that gay adoptions would only be acceptable in limited circumstances.

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He said “If the choice is between being left in an orphanage and being raised by a loving single parent, a loving same sex couple, or a loving unmarried couple, then absolutely the child has to be adopted.

“Institutions, even when they are well run, are awful places for a child to grow up in. I've seen this and there's no question about it.”

Northern Ireland’s health minister, Edwin Poots, says he will appeal the ruling made by the High Court judge.

According to Gay Star News Poots has a record of challenging pro-LGBT laws. Previously he refused to live the ban on gay people donating blood. A ban on gay people donating blood was lifted in England, Scotland and Wales last year.

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