Ireland's conjoined twins, now separated, have spent their first night apart.

Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf were separated after fourteen hours of surgery at a London hospital and both are doing well.

But the hospital has stated  "the next few days are very important for the twins.”

Their story has become a media sensation with film crews from all over the world showing up at the London hospital where the four months old pair were operated on.

The four-month-old brothers remained "stable" overnight in an intensive care unit, officials said, adding that from now updates will only be provided to the public as necessary.

Their parents Angie and Azzedine said: "We thank God, we thank the surgeons and the gifted team at Great Ormond Street Hospital, and we thank from the bottom of our hearts the Irish nation and everyone who prayed for our beloved twins."

Other than the statement, the parents are not taking press queries. They sold their story to ITV network in order to be able to pay for the surgery.

Meanwhile, there is a line of very important people  who would like to meet the twins once they have regained strength.

President Mary McAleese is keen to make the acquaintance of the “little fighters” once they have recovered from this week’s procedure.

Bishop of Cork, Dr. John Buckley, has been on his knees praying hard for a good recovery, and the Cork City Council plans a civic reception for the brave baby boys once they have recuperated.