Proud Irish Americans honor their Irish heritage by cleaning their ancestor's graves.

It’s estimated that 4 million Irish left Ireland during the Famine and that at least 3 million landed in the United States. That was almost 175 years ago. This sad section of Irish history is what led to the creation of Irish Americans, and they are a proud lot.

You see, those with even a shred of Irish heritage, work diligently to protect their Irish roots. Even in Reno, Nevada.

In fact, members of The Sons and Daughters of Erin, in Nevada, recently worked together to clean-up and protect the graves of Irish immigrants who played a huge part in settling Northern Nevada. The Hillside Cemetery in Reno is the area’s oldest cemetery and it is a final resting spot for many of Nevadans of Irish descent.  Fran Tryon is with the Hillside Cemetery Foundation.

“We have 23 Irish and 24 of their descendants here,” Tryon says. “This is how we protect our roots.”

Members cleared the gravesites, cleaned up the headstones and spread clean pebbles and rocks about. They celebrated with a tour where those of Irish descent were remembered and celebrated for their contributions to the Reno area.

And then all who helped from both northern and southern Nevada gathered at a local Irish pub called Ceol’s, for a few pints and a chance to talk about their heritage. Being Irish is something everyone who’s even a little bit Irish, holds dearly with pride.

You can hear all about the clean-up, and the strong Irish culture in Reno, Nevada, in Episode 36 of Erin’s Isle. 

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