When the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 a pandemic, we knew we were going to take a hit, but never thought it would affect our daily routines this drastically.

The month of March is such a memorable and iconic time of the year for Irish Culture; it is honored and embraced with parades and festivals all over the world. It is the greenest time of the year where anyone can be Irish for the day.

Our band, Golden Reign was very much looking forward to performing at the Arneson River Theater, at the River Walk in San Antonio, TX. Like many other musicians, we were disappointed to hear that the festivities were canceled. We took it quite hard since our band specializes in sharing Celtic music at our local city but we are very aware that this decision was very rational and it’s meant to keep communities safe and healthy. Since the parade and festival got canceled, on March 14, 2020, lead vocalist of Golden Reign, Leslie-Anne decided to still give a performance in what was an empty venue in order to express honor towards the holiday.

Leslie-Anne decided to record a couple of songs sung by iconic Celtic ensembles such as Celtic Thunder and Celtic Woman; these two groups have inspired people all over the world through storytelling. They have toured for many years delivering magical stories and make us fill as if we were touching the soft grass of Ireland. Ryan Zarmbinski, violinist and vocalist were very thrilled to share his musical interpretation of several Irish pieces as well as our pianist Jennie and our drummer Rene.

For centuries the Irish have celebrated and embraced heritage, they have nourished tradition by telling stories of love, land, lost, and hope. It is in times like this where we are tested and challenged to continue camaraderie no matter what. I know this has been mentioned continuously, and it might sound cliché but we need each other more than ever.

This St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate the holiday like never before; appreciate Irish culture through new practices. Since big gatherings are not recommended, gather with your family and tell ancient stories near the fire, sing songs that take you back to your roots, dance around your home to some jigs and reels. Personally, I would love to celebrate St.Paddy’s Day in grand with the entire town, but given the circumstances, let’s simply celebrate the holiday no matter where you are. Celebrate the patron saint of Ireland with pride and make this precious holiday the best of it.

On behalf of Golden Reign, we wish you a very safe and healthy St. Patrick’s Day, cheers!

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