IrishCentral is celebrating its 10th birthday this March 15, 2019!

We know we don't look it but this week, IrishCentral is celebrating a whole decade of existence and what a ten years it has been. 

To celebrate, we asked our readers their thoughts on the stories we bring them and we're so thankful for all of your kind words. While you may not also be happy with the opinions we have and think we should stay out of politics, we hope that you enjoy the virtual Ireland that we bring to your inboxes every day. 

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Happy 10th birthday!

"It's a great way to keep up with news and interesting articles concerning Irish news being current or historical. It's my go-to source every day."

"IrishCentral is a connection with our ancestry on both sides of the families. The articles are interesting and well written. I've been able to introduce IC with a dear friend of mine whose parents immigrated to the US in the '50s. Thanks and keep up the good work!"

"I absolutely love the IrishCentral Newsletter! Being kept up to date with what's happening in Ireland, has immeasurable meaning to me. The music, the stories, the history. I can hardly wait, for the next one, sometimes. Niall, you've done a wonderful thing, for those of us 'Yanks' whose hearts still connect to Éire. Congratulations on ten years!"

"I have a great love for Ireland and to be in with IrishCentral is a breath of fresh air it's like the universe to me."

"I have made 17 trips to Ireland since 1990, and have learned much about Ireland and its history. IrishCentral keeps me apprised of important current events and important moments in Irish history. I also love making your great recipes."

"I live in Maryland & really enjoy Irish Central being I’m Irish. I have been to Ireland two times & your stories bring back a lot of memories. Keep up the good work."

"I greatly enjoy the culture, roots, and travel sections. Back off the political commentary, though. The world does NOT need more divisiveness and sectionalism."

"IrishCentral, congrats on 10 years! To Niall and all who helped you dream it up and Liam and all who keep it lit, You have created a virtual Irish American Thanksgiving table for us all, and all that connotates."

"It's a chance to stay somewhat connected to the country my great grandmother was born."

Thanks for reading! 

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