The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) has launched a new anti-bullying campaign just in time for the holidays, featuring some of Ireland’s most famous faces. Colin Farrell and Jamie Heaslip, among others, are featured in the campaign’s new posters which are a follow-up to posters released earlier this year.

The DailyEdge
reports that back in May, the ISPCC released a series of posters that featured such famous Irish faces as Jedward and Saoirse Ronan, alongside the phrase “imagine if every child knew that nothing can ever happen that can’t be fixed by someone who cares.” Those featured on the posters were photographed by Barry McCall and had makeup to make their faces look bruised and cut-up, as if they had been bullied.
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The series has continued now with some new faces to add to the pack, including Colin Farrell and rugby star Jamie Heaslip. The posters take on the same angle, with the stars made up to look bullied, alongside phrases of the same vein. Farrell’s poster says, “Imagine if every child knew what it feels like to be loved and protected.”

The campaign itself is the brainchild of Westlife member Mark Feehily, says the ISPCC website.

The website goes on to say that, “Through this campaign, it is hoped that young people will find the strength to talk about what is going on for them and to seek support to have it stop. They have the right to be heard and to be protected.”