In a not-so-well devised attempt to keep herself hidden, Casey Anthony, perhaps one of the most hated women in all of America, was seen shopping at an Old Navy store in Ohio.

Although she was advised to get plastic surgery - and lay low, for that matter - following her acquittal of all murder charges and subsequent July 17th jail release, Casey’s disguise was merely “an Ohio State Buckeyes baseball cap pulled tightly over her face...frayed blue jeans and skintight T-shirt,” according to the New York Post.

Anthony also donned colored contact lenses - blue - to disguise her natural brown eyes, in addition to over-sized sunglasses.

Anthony was due to appear in Orlando this morning to check in with her probation officers, but that’s being put on hold until a hearing tomorrow. Casey’s lawyer, José Baez, is vying to get his client the freedom he believes she deserves.

"This thing is over and done," he said on the “Today Show.” "And for some reason, things seem to keep coming up again for no apparent reason."
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