The moderator of the popular 'Ireland of a Thousand Welcomes' Facebook page has gone above and beyond to help a seriously ill woman embark on her dream trip to Ireland.

Kathryn Doyon received a stage four cancer diagnosis in December 2016, after a routine colonoscopy revealed numerous tumors. 

The 54-year-old has undergone twelve chemotherapy sessions in the last year, but was told by doctors she will never be "cancer free".

The grandmother has a strong connection to her Irish roots. She told that her ancestors emigrated to America during the Famine.

The Plymouth, Massachusetts native explained that her mother instilled a strong sense of  Irish culture and heritage in her family, and it was always a dream of hers to visit the Emerald Isle one day.

"I've always wanted to go to Ireland but I could never afford it before with the work I had as a school bus driver," she said.

Doyon recently commented under an image in the 'Ireland of a Thousand Welcomes' Facebook page, and it caught the attention of moderator Pauline McDermott.

McDermott  from County Cavan, pictured below, was captivated by the comment. 

"When I put up a nice picture of Ireland the other day Kathryn commented underneath that she would love to visit Ireland one day but she didn't know if she could as she has stage four cancer," she told

McDermott created a GoFund me page to raise money to help grant Doyon's dream of taking the trip.

So far, over €1,500 has been raised. Numerous small business operators, such as Wild Rover Day Tours and Killarney Tours, have offered complimentary day trips, and some kind-hearted strangers have even offered Doyon a place to stay in their homes.

If you would like to make a donation, visit the 'Kathryn's Last Trip to Ireland' GoFund me page here.