A “satirical” website that posted a series of incredible and highly offensive remarks about the bullying victim, Phoebe Prince, may be blocked by internet search engines.

Encylopedia Dramatica referred to Prince as a “drunken Mick” and said her bullies should "take pride in turning an average girl into a legendary hero".

The shocking site even posted a video clip, at the top of the piece, with a man simulating suicide.

Phoebe Prince a native of County Clare moved to Massachusetts with her family. After enduring a campaign of brutal bullying the 15-year-old took her own life. Her actions sparked a national outcry over bullying within schools throughout the country.

Joseph Evers the owner of Encylopedia Dramatica has faced charges of racism and incitement to hatred in the past.

Founder of phoebelaw.com, Daniel Cole, emailed the site and asked ‘how could you write such terrible comments”. He was blocked from the website.

Cole is now calling on all businesses to cut advertising ties with the site and for search engines to block the site in the United States and Ireland.

Call to block offensive website which posted offensive article on Phoebe Prince