Bust billionaire Sean Quinn fears a return to prison – and is still convinced his current legal battle is unfair.

Quinn has spoken for the first time since his release after a nine week jail term for contempt of court.

The broke businessman was released from Dublin’s Mountjoy Prison on Thursday.
He is to continue his legal case against the former Anglo Irish Bank over a $4billion debt.

And Quinn fears he could return to Mountjoy if the court case goes against him according to the Irish Independent newspaper.

Quinn said: “I certainly felt I shouldn’t be there, after creating 7,000 jobs - after never in my life did I owe anyone a penny.

“Never in my life did I steal a penny that didn’t belong to me. I felt it was just wrong.”

Filmed by BBC News cradling his baby granddaughter Orna, Quinn will return to Dublin’s High Court on January 16 and fears another prison sentence.

He added: “Can we go back to jail? Yes we can. But the Quinns are not killed off. The Quinns are still there.”

Speaking of his time in Mountjoy, Quinn confessed: “I found it tough but when you come to 66 years of age I suppose you have been through many a thing over that period. I could fit into most environments and I fitted in.

“Of course when you find a door slamming at nine o’clock at night and you close for the night, it’s not nice.

“It’s not something I’m used to and it’s not something I felt I deserved. Of my fellow prisoners, 100pc of them felt I shouldn’t be there.

“I wouldn’t call it frightening but it would certainly make you think.”

Daughter Ciara Quinn told the BBC: “We’re delighted to have dad home. We are back in front of the court on January 14, where we anticipate we will be joining the Financial Regulator and the Department of Finance to our case.” 

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