British Prime Minister David Cameron may offer a new investigation into the Patrick Finucane murder when he is in Ireland on Wednesday this week.

Cameron will visit Ireland for a day accompanying Queen Elizabeth on her historic trip.
The slaying of the Belfast attorney in 1989 is still one of the most controversial killings of the entire Northern Troubles.

Finucane was shot dead in front of his family by Loyalist paramilitaries in 1989, but security forces have repeatedly been implicated in the killing of the lawyer, who had publicly represented many Republican suspects.

Before Finucane was killed he was named in the House of Commons by a senior British government figure as someone who was defending IRA killers. Many believe the decision to kill him went to the very highest levels of the British government.

When a senator, President Obama called for a fully independent inquiry into the Finucane case.The Irish American Unity Conference and the Irish National Caucus secured a statement to that effect from him.

In response to a questionnaire submitted by the two groups on establishing a truth process for Northern Ireland, Obama's team said, "Senator Obama would support a reconciliation process that seeks the comprehensive truth about past violence. Senator Obama believes there should be an independent, public inquiry as Judge Cory recommended."

Judge Peter Cory, a Canadian judge  who oversaw an inquiry stated that there was clear collusion and cover-up but due to lackof cooperation he could never prove it.

In a statement at the time Michael Finucane, the murdered solicitor's son, said, "We are extremely grateful to Senator Obama for lending us his support. As Senator Obama points out, this inquiry was a recommendation of Judge Cory as a way to look at all the very serious circumstances arising out of the death of Pat Finucane. And it is a recommendation that has not been implemented by the British government."

Any decision by Cameron will be greeted with suspicion by nationalists however, as previous inquiries have never fully investigated the case.



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