First the Queen, now the British Prime Minister - Guinness can’t get visiting UK dignitaries to sup the perfect pint.

It looks like Barack Obama will be the only one to actually sip the black stuff of al the major celebrities offered a Guinness.

Just days after Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Phillip declined the offer of a free pint at the Guinness Hop Store, their Prime Minister David Cameron has followed suit.

The Conservative Party leader followed the Queen’s lead visited the world famous St James’ Gate brewery with Irish counterpart Enda Kenny.

Alas, like the Queen, he decided not to take up the offer of a perfect pint poured in his honor by Guinness Operations Manager Colin O’Brien.

The brewery will however send a special six pack of Guinness, brewed while Cameron was on site, to his Downing Street home in London and also to Kenny’s office in the Irish parliament.

“It’s a standard Guinness brew, but we will make sure the Taoiseach and the Prime Minister get some of that to taste, so they can have the beer that they launched,” revealed O’Brien.

Whilst he declined the perfect pint, Cameron did ask O’Brien about the secret Guinness recipe – and is none the wiser!

“You always want to know where the real power lies,” quipped Cameron to Irish Prime Minister Kenny.

“This is one of those moments when you realize it’s not with you.”

Guinness have already sent a master brewer down to Barack Obama’s ancestral homeland in Moneygall with a keg full of perfect pints ahead of the US president’s arrival in the Offaly village on Monday.

David Cameron� AFP/Getty Images