The British tabloids are at it again, saying Susan Boyle had a mini-breakdown in New York. I can utterly refute what they say — because I was there.

After her successful NBC "Today" show performance, Susan went to the Rockefeller Center cafe to meet her adoring fans. This is what the London Daily Mirror says happened:

"She had just been presented with a quilt, which was hand stitched by hundreds of fans from countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Japan and Antarctica.

"She was pictured sucking her thumb intensely and then leaving the table and appearing to burst into tears before putting her head in her hands. Moments later, apparently as she realized her fans were watching, she composed herself and performed a little dance."

A spokesman for the star, 48, rightly played down the episode, saying: "She was just overjoyed and extremely touched with the reception she has had from everyone in America."

But a source told The Daily Mirror: "Everyone around her is acutely aware how susceptible she is to becoming emotional when under stress. She has just undertaken a tour of America, which would put anyone under enormous pressure.

"It seems to have taken its toll and she was visibly upset. She is being closely monitored and given all the support she needs."

This is complete and utter garbage.

Susan did shed a tear, as I reported at the time — but it was a brief display of deep affection for the fans and what they had just given her — a beautiful quilt made by her supporters all over the world. In fact, I reported that she "wiped a tear away."  Which is literally what she did.

She did not suck her thumb intensely. She merely bit her thumb for a split-second — a mannerism many people have at times of emotion. It had nothing to do with sucking her thumb.

She also did not put her head in her hands. Throughout, she was smiling, at ease, and very much the gracious personality.

She also did not perform "a little dance." She did the little hip shimmy she became famous for, and everyone laughed and clapped. It was her way of showing her exuberance and connection to her fans.

She also did not leave the table, except at the end when she made her way for a much-appreciated photo with her fans, which is where I shook hands briefly with her. She was smiling and very gracious,

It is time these tabloids wised up and stopped hitting on Susan Boyle. They specialize in being wrong and even more vicious, so it is a real pleasure to to be able to directly contradict them for once.