Two hundred supporters gathered in Boston to support the Cavan-native Aisling McCarthy Brady who is awaiting trial for killing one-year-old baby Rehma Sabir, who was in her care.

Speaking at the fundraising event Melinda Thompson, McCarthy Brady’s lawyer, said she will not give up on this case until the Cavan woman is free.

The fundraiser, at Florian Hall in Boston’s well known Irish neighborhood of Dorchester, was organized to aid McCarthy Brady’s legal defense. A resident of Quincy, McCarthy Brady has been in prison since January when she was arrested on suspicion of killing the one-year-old girl, Rehma Sabir, who she was taking care of.

McCarthy Brady’s supporters cheered when Thompson told the crowd that the evidence against her client was not adequate.

She said, “I know what evidence is and I know what it isn’t and I can tell you that Aisling is an innocent person.

“I will fight for her until this case is over to get her out of jail, I promise you that.”

The Irish and Irish American crowd came to show a contingent of support for the Cavan woman who has lived and worked in the United States since 2002. Her supporters donated to her legal bills by purchasing raffle tickets and offered messages of support.

McCarthy Brady is undocumented in the United States having overstayed her 90-day tourist waiver visa.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, one of her supporters said, “They’re treating her worse than Louise Woodward because of her immigration status. It’s outrageous.”

Another said, “The family was neglectful of the child and they are trying to put all the blame of their poor parenting on Aisling because she doesn’t have any papers.

“It’s simple as that.”

Melinda Thompson, as part of McCarthy Brady’s defense team, has filed to have her case dismissed due to “inadmissible evidence.” Judge S Jane Haggerty will announce her decision on October 17 at Middlesex District Court.