As Bono gets ready for tonight’s Dublin gig, will he put his Palm Pre or his Blackberry on vibrate as he takes the Croke Park stage before 80,000 screaming fans?

This is the dilemma that U2’s frontman faces. Though the band starred in a Blackberry ad recently (see video), Bono is also one of the co-founders of Elevation Partners, an investment firm that has ploughed over $500 million into Palm, whose latest communication gadget Pre is peaking after a good early start on the market and now lies behind certain Blackberry products in sales.

But where does Bono’s allegiance lie in the great phone debate, with one hand in the Pre camp as an investor and the other in the Blackberry camp as a performer?

Ironically, U2 also made an ad a few years back with Apple, which makes the iPhone (also outselling the Pre) meaning that the band has taken the notion of reinventing itself to a whole new level!

It is believed that some Palm investors are not not having a beautiful day over the fact that their fellow investor is singing songs for Blackberry.

Mr. Hewson might need to phone a friend for advice about this one!