Who says that all rock stars are dyed in the wool liberals? Bono certainly can’t be classified as such.

The U2 frontman, in his work as one of the world’s best-known humanitarians, has cultivated relationships on all sides of the political spectrum.  He’s a good pal to have, as Ohio Republican gubernatorial contender John Kasich has discovered.

Last year Bono donated an undisclosed amount to the Kasich campaign, according to documents released on Monday. Kasich, a former congressman and Fox News pundit, has known Bono for many years through their work together on poverty issues.  Bono, and indeed U2, are featured in blog entries on Kasich’s campaign website.

“I am struck by is the amazing solidarity U2 has had over the years. Make no mistake, they are an exquisite team,” Kasich blogged last fall after attending a U2 concert in Chicago as a guest of the band.

“Many people know of my relationship with Bono. He is a man of faith who has used his celebrity to save countless lives in Africa. He’s the front man with haunting vocals.”

He and his wife went backstage before the show to catch up with their famous friend. “We talked a bit about politics, reminiscing about the days when he first came to Capitol Hill and how we could use the same bipartisan approach to fixing Ohio. We caught up on family affairs and Karen had the opportunity to thank Bono for including us on a life-changing trip to Rwanda last year, where we witnessed first hand the positive impact of debt relief and President Bush’s malaria initiative,” Kasich wrote.