The body of one of the ‘Disappeared’, people who were killed for being suspected informers by the IRA during The Troubles, has likely been found.

Fourteen people in all are on the list of the Disappeared.

Human remains have been found that are thought to be those of Charles Armstrong, 57,from Crossmaglen in Armagh who disappeared on his way to mass in 1981. He was a father of five and worked as a laborer.

On the day he disappeared his wife walked with their daughters to mass , where they had planned to meet him after he drove a friend to it. He did not appear and it was only when they got home that they discovered that he had not met their friend.

Initially it was thought he had had an accident, so his family and friends walked the area, looking for him, but there was no sign of him.
The next day, a friend phoned the family to tell them his car had been found outside the Adelphi cinema in Dundalk over the Irish border.

On Thursday the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims' Remains stated that remains had been discovered in North County Monagahn  after information supplied by an anonymous source.

The new  information was sent anonymously and pointed to a previously unsearched area in County  Monaghan.

Up to now  several locations around  near Carrickmacross, not far from the border with Northern Ireland had been searched.