Irish protestors hurled shoes and eggs at former British Prime Minster Tony Blair in Dublin today at a book signing.

Demonstrations became so widespread that locals stores were closed and central Dublin ground to a halt.

Three men were arrested after they broke through a security cordon on O’Connell Street in Dublin.

The protestors included anti-war activists as well as supporters of IRA dissident groups. Police were forced to drag a number of demonstrators off the street and during the melee a man in a wheelchair was knocked to the ground.

Protesters screamed  "Whose cops? Blair's cops!" 

They also shouted: "Hey hey Tony hey, how many kids have you killed today?"

About 400 people lined up to meet Blair in Eason’s bookstore in the city center

They were screamed at by demonstrators who denounced them as "west Brits."

Protester Pixie ni hEicht, from Dublin told the Guardian that,"The police are west Brits who are protecting a British terrorist and the people queuing up over there should be ashamed of themselves. All these people buying the book are jackeens and traitors."

A huge security operation was in place around  O’Connell Street. The Luas tram service was halted and access roads were blocked off.

Blair further infuriated demonstrators during an appearance on the Irish TV programme ‘The Late Late Show’ last night.

He warned that military action may be necessary against Iran if they develop nuclear weapons.