The MBA World Trophy is an annual international competition that assembles the brightest and best students from university startups around the world. The successful entries will come to Dublin next May with their fledgling companies and compete for $100,000 prize money and the MBA World Trophy.

Over three days, teams will pitch their business plans and showcase their ideas to an exclusive panel of VCs, formulate solutions to the challenges facing their startups and receive live feedback and mentoring from the event’s sponsors and an international panel of successful entrepreneurs/advisors.

The concept is simple: teams of four students from some of the world’s top universities come to Dublin next May with an idea for a startup. During the event they will have their business model challenged by industry experts, venture capitalists, financiers and academics.

They will work on solving practical problems, gaining experience that will benefit their businesses.The formal networking events include an invitation to the American Chamber of Commerce spring lunch with 300 CEO’s of US companies operating in Ireland, and a prize-giving evening in the Guinness Storehouse.

This is an opportunity for guests to build an international network with their peers. After three days of competition, the winner will take away US$100,000 in prize money as well the prestigious MBA World Trophy.

While it is anticipated that the teams will be MBA-led,  the reality is that startups need expertise in areas other than business, such as engineering and computer science. So we are encouraging universities to send multi-disciplinary teams to enhance the standard of competition.

The MBA World Trophy is taking entries in four categories, Clean Technologies, Social Entrepreneurship, Food & Drink and Media & Technology.

The MBA World Trophy takes place from 16th to 18th May 2013. So if you are a current student with a idea for a startup that you believe is going to change the world then get in touch. They’d love to hear from you. You can enter the competition using the following link


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