Disgraced former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern has been told to forget about running for the Presidency later this year.

Ahern, who was in charge for most of the decisions that led to the collapse of the Celtic Tiger, fancies himself as successor to President Mary McAleese in the November election.

The former Fianna Fail leader and Dublin deputy has never admitted any responsibility for the country’s current economic woes.

But his bid to go head to head with David Norris and businessman Sean Gallagher in the November contest is already floundering under intense opposition within Fianna Fail ranks.

New party leader Micheal Martin has ‘shot down’ Ahern’s bid, according to the Irish Independent.

The party leadership is also distancing itself from his plans ahead of the publication of the findings of the Mahon Tribunal into planning corruption and payment to politicians including Ahern.

“I don’t think that’s something that’s on the agenda at all,” Martin told RTE when he was asked if Ahern would get the Fianna Fail nomination to contest the presidential election.

European Parliament member Brian Crowley from Cork is the favourite to run for Fianna Fail in November.

Gay senator Norris received a major boost when Fingal County Council in Dublin agreed to back his candidature on Monday.

Candidates require the backing of four county councils in order to secure a nomination.

“We’re delighted, it’s great for democracy. We’re a quarter way up the hill,” said a spokesperson for Independent Senator Norris.

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