Barbara Sheehan, who was acquitted last week of the murder of her husband, is set to appeal her weapon conviction.

Last week a jury of nine women and three men found the Queens mother not guilty of the second degree murder of her husband Raymond, who was a retired NYPD sergeant. Sheehan shot her husband 11 times, in their Queens family home after 17 years of domestic abuse.

After being cleared of murder charges, the mother-of-two was found guilty of possession of a weapon, for which she could face a minimum of 2 -and-a-half years in prison.

Despite what lays ahead, the 50-year-old appeared upbeat when questioned by reporters outside her Howard Beach home on Friday.

“I’m going to spend [the weekend] with my children here in the house,” she told the New York Post last weekend.

 “We’re going to stay home and relax for a few days.”

Sheehan is due to be sentenced on Wednesday for the gun charges. Her defense attorneys are working on her appeal.
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Lawyer Niall MacGiollabhui, told the New York Post, there was no questions regarding a potential appeal but rather the only question was “how many grounds we will use.”

"It would be a great travesty if Barbara has to serve time," he told Pix 11.

"Unfortunately it's a very real possibility," he added.

“We felt all along that Barbara’s account of what happened that day was compelling.

“We felt that the testimony she gave at trial was very powerful,’ MacGiollabhui concluded.

Sentencing of the Queens woman will convene on Wednesday.


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