Irish band The Corrigan Brothers have re-written their hit song “There’s No One As Irish as Barack Obama" and retitled it “There’s No One As Irish As Bruce O’Springsteen" in celebration of The Boss' Irish roots and his visit to Dublin on July 17th.

The group had a massive hit with “There’s No One as irish as Barack Obama” when he became president and their You Tube version reached close to 3 million viewers

Here are the lyrics to the revamped song:

“Toor a loo Toor a loo/Toor a loo Toor a Lingsteen
There’s no one as Irish/As Bruce O’Springsteen
You don’t believe me/It sounds like such Drama
But Bruce is as Irish as Barack Obama/His great great grandmother
One Ann Garrity/Is from Mullingar/In the county Westmeath
He may have been born in the USA/But the Mullingar blood/pumps through his veins ...”

Said lead singer Ger Corrigan, “We will release the song and a video on July 16th, a day before Bruce plays in Dublin, Ireland, and we are willing to allow Bruce to perform it with us if he can learn it in the next week or so."

According to NJ's Ashbury Park Press, The New Jersey superstar's grandmother Ann Garrity hailed from Mullingar in County Westmeath. She left Ireland in 1852 and settled in Freehold.

As reported by IrishCentral last week, a new book by Greg Lewis and Moira Sharkey, entitled 'Land of Hopes and Dreams' traces Springsteen's Irish roots.

The singer-songwriter will perform in Dublin on July 17th.

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