A woman entering Dublin’s Wheatfield prison had her baby son kidnapped and was told he’d be returned if she agreed to smuggle drugs into the prison.

According to the Sunday Tribune, several months ago the woman was visiting a loved one but was accosted by two men who grabbed her baby and forced her to deliver the package.

The Tribune could not reveal the full details of the event for security reasons, but it reported that the woman left the jail soon after, the men handed back the child, and the incident was never reported to gardai.

Security measures at Irish prisons have been increased lately in an effort to prevent people from being forced to carry drugs inside.

"There have been many incidents where people are paid to bring in drugs to prisoners they've never even met before," a source within Mountjoy jail told the Tribune. "Others have been forced to do it. Often, they have family members in the jail and they're told by people on the outside, 'Your Jimmy will get cut up if you don't bring in this package to so-and-so.' We're trying to put a stop to that."