Irish workers are being sought for a gas pipeline project in Australia. Over 100 jobs in construction and project management are being offered through an Irish recruitment drive.

JobContax, a recruitment firm, is holding interviews in the UK from November 18-25 to fill a range of jobs for the (Aus) $1 billion project, undertaken by Chevron Australia and Exxon Mobile, in north-western Australia called the Gorgon Project. The project is expected to take five years.



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The recruitment firm's CEO and founder Karen McHugh told that once the company makes an offer to a prospective employee, it will begin the visa process on behalf of the applicant. The four-year visa would cover the applicant as well as their spouse, partner and/or dependents. Anyone who finished their four-year contract would have the option of applying for permanent residency in Australia.

Flights and relocation costs would also be covered.

Jobs on offer include positions for civil project engineers, site managers, construction foremen, and site safety advisors, with salaries ranging from €80,000 to €175,000.

More information can be found on the JobContax site.