The organizers behind a national social media campaign to find grandparents in favor of the pro-choice movement want to hear from you.

The nation of Ireland is currently awaiting an impending announcement as to when a repeal the eight referendum will take place.

Ardent social media campaigners are not resting on their laurels. The Grandparents for Repeal initiative was created to "support daughters and granddaughters in their reproductive choices and healthcare issues, with respect, compassion and love."

Good news from the poll, but less good from the over 65s. Many don't know how the 8th prevents the smallest change. Use this opportunity to raise the subject with relatives and acquaintances. Give them the facts. Show them there is nothing to fear: no floodgates! #RippleforRepeal

— grandparents4repeal (@grans4repeal) January 26, 2018

They are currently working on a video project to promote awareness, and educate about the proposed constitutional amendments in these crucial months pre-referendum.

- Sarah Mortell “My 91-year-old grandfather, who voted against the insertion of the 8th Amendment into the constitution in 1983 and will vote to repeal in the referendum scheduled for May” @grans4repeal #repealthe8th

— repealproject (@repealproject) February 1, 2018

he organizers have taken to their Twitter and Facebook platforms in a bid to find a pro-choice grandparents in each of Ireland's 32 counties. 

If you would like to be involved in the project, you can find more information on their Facebook here.

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