An American tourist was killed at a popular tourist spot near Dingle, Co Kerry, Saturday morning when she was hit by a truck carrying surfboards, according to the Independent.

Gena Hill, 59, from Kentucky, was staying in Killarney with her husband and was on a bus tour to Dingle when the accident occurred after they stopped off at the popular beach..

Inch Strand is on the main Killarney road. It is renowned as one of Ireland's most beautiful beaches. It was featured in the Hollywood blockbuster 'Ryan's Daughter' several years ago.

She had just stepped off the tour bus when she was killed on the picturesque Inch strand when she was hit by a truck just before 10 a.m. The truck was reversing after picking up some surfing gear.

There have been many complaints about vehicles on the beack which is walked by thousands, but the truck was officially authorized to be there to pick up surfing equipment. The beach is one of the top surfing places in Munster.

Mrs Hill, a grandmother, was one of the leaders of the tour.

The local parish priest in Fossa, Fr Brendan Harrington, prayed with the visitng party after the death was made public. A post mortem on the dead woman was held on Sunday.

A police investigation into the death is continuing.Mrs Hill is the third American in three years to die in Kerry. Two others were killed after  falling of steep steps on Skelig Island.

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