The Irish Justice Minister has called for an end to "creepy keyhole journalism".

Alan Shatter has vowed to revise the current privacy laws governing the media, after the Irish Daily Star republished topless images of Kate Middleton.

On Monday, the editor of the Irish Daily Star, Michael O'Kane, was suspended pending an investigation into the publication of the images.

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"In the light of this, and other actions by sections of the print media, it is my intention to bring proposals to cabinet in the new year," Shatter told the Evening Herald.

"This was always my intention, but given what we have seen in relation to the Star newspaper, we will review the legislation sooner than expected.

“It is my responsibility, as Minister for Justice, to introduce measures in this area while still protecting good news and investigative journalism."

The National Union of Journalists described Minister Shatter's plans as an "overreaction."

"Legislation in itself is not the answer. The strongest privacy legislation in Europe is actually in France, where this was published. Privacy is notoriously difficult to legislate for," NUJ secretary-general Seamus Dooley told the Herald.