St Andrews University, Scotland's most prestigious educational institution, has been targeted by anti-abortion campaigners protesting against its decision to give Hillary Clinton an honorary degree.

The level of vitriol unleashed by the protestors, who have bombarded the school with angry letters for weeks, has startled the usually sedate college.

According to The Herald, on one livid letter writer reportedly compared the decision to honor the former First Lady to 'honoring Adolf Hitler for ridding Germany of Jews.'

The write in protest campaign was started by the London-based Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC).

SPUC's director, John Smeaton, called on members to write to the university's principal, Doctor Louise Richardson, damming the university's decision to honor Clinton.

Smeaton said: 'Clinton's promotion of abortion is contrary to education, human rights, democracy, civil society and promoting opportunities for females around the world.'

The visit is scheduled for September 13 and 14 to mark the university's 600th anniversary.

A spokesman for St Andrews told the press: 'As a university, we stand for freedom of thought, freedom of expression and a willingness to listen to and learn from the views of all.'

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