Seventy-two percent of Irish people support gay marriage and will vote in favor of it in the upcoming referendum a new poll shows.

The poll by the RedC polling company for the Sunday Business Post showed only 20 percent opposed to gay marriage and planning to vote against it on May 22nd.

The wide margin for the yes vote tally will come as a relief to same sex marriage supporters who have seen the opposition to the referendum proposal galvanize in recent weeks.

However, the latest poll appears to show little support being gathered for the anti-same sex marriage side.

Meanwhile, in another poll by RedC, there was good news for Sinn Fein as they jumped five points to 22 percent while Fine Gael dropped two points to 25 percent and their partners in government, the Labor Party dropped from 10 percent to 8 percent.

Fianna Fail who held their convention this weekend were on 19 percent up one point.