One hundred years after the launch of the Titanic’s sister ships, the RMS Olympic, from slipway 2 at Queen’s Island, Belfast, fans of the Titanic gathered for a commemorative ceremony.

The great nephew of Titanic designer, Thomas Andrews, along with Members of Belfast Titanic Society were present for a reading by Susie Millar, whose great grandfather sailed on the ship as an engineer. Also a prayer was read by the Rev Ian Gilpin.

“Olympic was the largest ship in the world at the time — she and Titanic were 50 percent larger than any other ship previously built,” said Society member Brian Patterson. “They had to specially build the Thompson dock which was the largest dock in the world at the time.”

RMS Olympic is the as large and luxurious as her sister ship, the Titanic, however the big difference is that the Olympic sailed the oceans for 24 years crossing the Atlantic and ferrying Canadian troops to the front line in World War I.

Olympic was scrapped in the 1930s following the merger of White Star Line and Cunard.