HIS latest critically acclaimed movie Vicky Christina Barcelona was filmed in Spain, and his previous three efforts were made in the U.K. Now Woody Allen has his sights set firmly on another location - Ireland. Allen, one of the world's most famous filmmakers - not to mention tabloid fodder given his previously super-messy personal life - has visited Ireland on several occasions in the past, and says he's love to base one of his movies there, provided that the Irish powers that be show him the money.

"If I got the offer of financing, I wouldn't hesitate to go and make a movie in Ireland," said Allen last week while on the publicity trail for Vicky. "Ireland is a place I would not have a problem living in for the couple of months it took me to make the film. It's a delightful place.

"I've been there on several occasions and the light in Ireland is so beautiful that you know right away you're going to get a beautiful film. Those grey skies and the terrain; Ireland is one of the few places that lives up to the hype. It is as beautiful as everybody tells you it is, so it is a very good place to make a film."

Obviously Allen hasn't seen the floods and mudslides that have plagued Ireland this summer, but on a perfect Irish day he's sure he could put together a work of art.

"The light is so beautiful, you know right away you're going to get a beautiful film. Ireland is a misty and isolated place. You really have to have the right story for it, but it's a great atmosphere," he maintains.

Allen secured British-based funding for his three previous films, Scoop, Match Point and Cassandra's Dream (the latter two starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Colin Farrell, respectively), and Spanish money for Vicky. The Irish Film Board, according to a spokesperson, would be keen to take Allen up on his offer.

"There is a huge amount of Irish directors, from John Carney to Kirsten Sheridan, who would have been inspired by his work," a spokeswoman told the Irish Independent.

"He's already worked with Irish talent, including Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Colin Farrell. We would welcome any opportunity to discuss plans with him."

Allen's connections to Ireland run fairly deep outside of the potential business end of things. His ex, Mia Farrow, is the daughter of Irish-born actress Maureen O'Sullivan, and Farrow decamped to Dublin for a while after the you know what hit the fan during their acrimonious split -- the one in which Woody took off with Farrow's adopted Asian daughter, Soon Yi, who is now Mrs. Allen.

Allen and Farrow had a biological child who they named Satchel. Farrow changed his name to Seamus Ronan Farrow after Woody took off; now he's known as Ronan Seamus and he's a prodigy to boot, having gone to college at the age of 11 and securing an acceptance into Yale Law School at 15. He changed his name because, as his mom once put it, "when he kept getting state awards for his top grades they kept calling him Seem-us."