The IrishCentral crew, in New York and Dublin, put their heads together and came up with a definite Spotify playlist of their favorite summery upbeat tunes. 

Everyone has a "song of the summer" - a song that evokes memories of carefree days, a wonderful vacation, a fun day out or just lazing in the summer sun.

When you think about it the summer is the only season that inspires such joy and such a title. There's no such thing as "song of the spring" now is there?! Songs of the summer evoke a sense of freedom, sunshine and happiness. 

Of course, Irish music is world-famous, and artists like U2 and Enya are household names around the globe but this summer we decided to share some of our more contemporary favorite Irish artists along with some old favorites.

From the Pillow Queens to Mic Christopher, Inhaler to Denise Chaila this IrishCentral playlist is the only one you'll need this summer!

Check out other playlists on IrishCentral's Spotify account here.


* Originally published in 2022, updated in Aug 2023.