1. He is single.

Relax ladies, that wedding ring is on the wrong hand, it looks like this Irish man is single. He told Wetpaint Entretainment: “I’m very single, frustratingly single but I’m getting a lot of call backs now! Nancy is the only girl I can think about it at the moment.”

2. His first love is soocer

The Bray native told the Evening Herald, after a brief stint of dancing he gave it up to play soccer with his friends.

"I was playing soccer. Where I come from, you don't really dance, you know. I think I was at the age, where, I suppose, I wanted to do what all me friends were doing.

"I gave up dancing for a while, and then I realized I wasn't as good at football as I thought I was. Then I decided to go back to dancing," he said.

3. He initially turned down the Dancing with the Star’s producers when they offerd him the show.

"I had only been back in (Burn The Floor) for two or three weeks, so I told them that I wouldn't be able to do it that time around. But I was lucky enough that they came back a couple of months later when the new season was starting and asked if I'd be available," he revealed.
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4. His grandparents Jon and Phyllis McCann were professional dancers.

"They got us into it, myself and my sister. My sister didn't last too long. She didn't like the attention, I suppose. Apparently I did," he told the Herald.

5. He has five tattoos

MacManus told Wetpaint Entertainment:“I’ve got five at the moment, but the collection is not finished yet. I have three on right arm from Celtic mythology, it’s broken up into four pieces so I have one more to get. On my ribs, I have my surname, in Ogham writing, which according to the the Natural History Museum of Ireland is the Celtic alphabet. My cousin at home has a tattoo parlor so I get them all done there. On my left forearm, it says ‘My family, my friends, my heart,’ in Gaelic. That’s what I’m about, it’s what is important to me so that was the first one I got four years ago.”