Guinness’s advertising campaigns are known throughout the world. From their first advertising tagline, “Guinness is Good For You,” in 1794, to their most recent "Made of More," the black stuff’s adverts have been famous throughout its history. 

As their  “Made of More” campaign has made such a stir, we decided to look at some of the most popular Guinness adverts online.

Millions of viewers have watched these commercials on YouTube and the variation and quality of the ads is amazing. From funny to poignant and witty, Guinness has certainly set themselves apart from the usual beer ads.

Here’s the top ten most popular:

1. “Evolution”

2. “Made of More”:

3. “Round up your mates for a Guinness”:

4. “Clock”:

5. “A Short Film Called Hands”:

6. “Bring it to Life”:

7. “Cloud”:

8. Official Arthur’s Day “Paint the Town Black”:

9. “Penguins”

10. “Surfer”

*Originally published in 2013.