How will Samantha Power and Hillary Clinton get on now that both are playing roles in the Obama administration?

The Irish-born Power, a professor at Harvard University, lost her job as advisor to Obama when she ranted against Clinton during a Scottish newspaper interview earlier this year by calling her a monster, among other unpleasantries.

Since then Power has kept in the background, but this week it was announced she was on the transition team vetting State Department appointees.

This probably means she will be an unofficial advisor to Obama, who values her friendship and counsel since the time he was a new senator.

It also appears that she and Clinton have made up. According to sources there was a sit down after the election and a truce arranged.

Those who know Clinton know she is perfectly capable of working with former adversaries - witness her warm relationship with Senator Lindsey Graham, who once led the impeachment drive against her husband.

Besides, Clinton knows that Power, an expert on genocide who has won a Pulitzer Prize for her book on that topic, can be very useful when it comes to issues such as Darfur which still continue to simmer.

For her part Power was genuinely contrite about the outburst against Clinton which probably reflected a naivety on her part about the media than anything else.

Power had been used to the closeted world of academia before entering into the full glare of the media spotlight. It would not be surprising to see Power work her way into a major position soon after the Obama term begins.

She certainly has the intellect and experience. The one strike against her may be some strident elements in the Jewish lobby who consider her too pro-Palestinian in her outlook.