Remember Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Irish star of 'The Tudors' on Showtime a few years ago, and the CBS miniseries about Elvis Presley for which he won a Golden Globe Award?  (He’s also unfortunately known for drunken airport incidents, but we digress).

JRM is deep into production on the NBC fall series 'Dracula,' one of the beleaguered network’s big hopes for the season given the success of other similar shows like 'True Blood' on HBO.  There are lots of other pictures and a video preview bouncing around the web.

In other good news for the Dublin-born actor, he’s reportedly up for the starring role in the upcoming 'Star Wars: Episode VII,' which has blockbuster written all over it given the history.  The film, set for release in 2015, will be directed by JJ Abrams, whose new Star Trek film is currently atop the box office.

“[JRM] is a name that has been thrown around a lot, especially since he has a relationship with J.J. Abrams. He appeared in 'Mission Impossible: III,' directed by Abrams,” a source said.

Check out the trailer for 'Dracula' here:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers in NBC's 'Dracula'NBC