After a grueling round Hannah McIalwain has been sent  home from “The Glee Project” leaving Celtic Thunder’s Damian McGinty as one of the final four along with Alex Newell, Lindsay Pearce and Samuel Larsen.

This week the contestants were joined by guest mentor Jenna Ushkowitz. Their theme for the week was “Believability” and their challenge was to sing “True Colors” before casting director Robert Ulrich and Ushkowitz.


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At the end of this tough contest one of these contenders will go on to be a cast member on Ryan Murphy’s “Glee”.

Having listened to the five contestants versions of “True Colors” Ushkowitz said that McGinty is dreamy. She also said Larsen was uniquely intense, Pearce was a wonderful actress while she dubbed Hannah the winner of the challenge.

The week their music video was “The Only Exception” by Paramore. Ulrich explained that the challenge would be acting out the feelings of longing in the song.

It seems that this week the only contestant who was safe was McGinty. Pearce, Larsens and McIalwain were all sent to sing for Ryan Murphy and eventually teary McIalwain was sent home.

It seems that McGinty would be well on his way to getting a role on “Glee”.