Lucasfilm has sold the beloved “Star Wars” franchise to Disney. The “House of the Mouse” has already begun work on the script for “Star Wars Episode VII” which is set to come out in  2015.
The “Star Wars” creator George Lucas has made the decision to retire and now the future of the franchise could go in any direction. Currently there is no director or actor linked with the movie but IMDB does state that Lucas is on board as one of the writers.
FirstShowing reports that the next movie may be an original story instead of basing the movie on the original novels and comics. The also say they have ten directors in mind for the upcoming movie.
Similarly Irish American funnyman Conan O’Brien threw his two cents into the ring with some mock auditions for directors of the new movie including Michael Moore (see clip below), Kevin Smith ( a die hard and passionate “Star Wars” fan) and quintessential New Yorker Woody Allen.
Another mock video from (see below) throws names like Christopher Nolan ( the most recent Batman movies and “Inception”), JJ Abrahams (“Star Trek” and “Mission Impossible”) and Michael Bay (“Transformers”) get a mention. And Kevin Smith get a mention again.
It’s all up to play for and “Star Wars” fanatics will be hanging on every piece of news to see if the new version can match up to the old favorites.
 Here’s Conan’s skit of Michael Moore directing “Star Wars”:

Here’s’s skit:

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