Have you previously studied in Ireland? We are interested to hear about your experience and highlights of your time studying Ireland.

Many universities around the world now offer their students the opportunity to complete part of their course in a different country. For many students, this can be an opportunity to both broaden their educational experiences and gain a new sense of independence.

If you participated in such a program, we are interested to hear about your experience. What were your reasons for coming to Ireland and what were the highlights of your stay? We are also eager to find out if your trip has made a lasting impression.

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Each year, thousands of US students participating in such programs choose Ireland as their destination of choice. With a broad range of third-level institutions hosting foreign students and deep historical ties between the two nations, the number of US students studying Ireland has continued to grow steadily over the past two decades.

Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs reports that in the academic year 2016/17 alone there were over 10,000 US students who studied in Ireland in some capacity. This consisted of stays of a shorter duration of two weeks up to a full academic year. The same report quoted both Irish culture and ease of transport as being two of the core motivations for students.

For many of these students, a trip to Ireland represents an opportunity to reconnect with one’s heritage. With over two-thirds of these students identifying at least some Irish ancestry, a study abroad program provides an unrivaled opportunity to connect with relatives, take in some of Ireland’s famous natural beauty and to engross themselves in Irish culture as a whole. The relationships developed on these programs with both locals and other participants alike can form the foundation for friendships that last long into the future.