Fed up with drunk leprechauns, “Kiss Me I'm Irish” slogans, or other silliness when trying to buy a shirt that reflects your Irish pride? Ireland Shirt founders, Mike O'Brien and Jason Darby had you in mind when they wondered out loud if anyone would ever make clothing that truly attempted to identify with the heritage and pride of being Irish.

This is why the men behind Ireland Shirt decided to make a clean, simple, and back-to-basics shirt that positively reflects Irish heritage, pride, and values, and that is comfortable to wear in any setting.
The question then was how to positively reflect Irish heritage, pride and values. Perhaps the reason for all the silly Irish apparel was because no one could figure out how to properly reflect Ireland and therefore continued to fall back on the same old offerings. 

With both founders being of Irish descent and with related family members being native Irish, Ireland Shirt felt obligation to deliver apparel that it believed the Irish community was missing. Inspiration was found by simply asking, "What do we like best about Ireland?" Invariably, answers of the rolling hills, the Irish coast lines, the lush green landscape, and the numerous geographic sites topped the list. The geography and the image of Ireland herself was all that would ever be needed to reflect Irish heritage, pride, and values.
Ireland Shirt selected the image of Ireland to be included in its branding and Mike and Jason were committed to deliver a long overdue shirt to Irish people. Ireland Shirt developed a brand image, dedicated to delivering something of real value to the Irish. 
After the initial release of our brand, Ireland Shirt exploded in popularity. In less than 4 months, Ireland Shirt had attracted thousands of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and a growing Pinterest presence. With a genuine Irish following of more than 1,400 people from Irish cities around the country, Ireland Shirt can take it from the fans that we has captured the values of Ireland in its product.
Ireland Shirt products have proved to be popular among Irish folks in the USA, Ireland, the UK, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. Ireland Shirt's classic, elegant apparel including a with a full line of men's and women's shirts, hats and visors which marry quality and craftsmanship with expression of cultural heritage and tradition has resonated with the Irish community and fulfilled its mission.

Shortly after launching Ireland Shirt, Mike and Jason realized that their mission of positively reflecting national heritage, pride and values should be shared with other countries of the world.  They founded Shirts of the World, which includes the distinctive and recognizable shapes of Italy, China, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Great Britain, Spain and Greece.

Ireland Shirt is a company brand in the Shirts of the World family. Shirts of the World have sales offices in Washington D.C. and New York City, and friends and followers of Ireland Shirt and Shirts of the World are from all over the world.
Wear your pride and say, "I'm from here".