Brivant Medical, a company that specializes in guide wires for minimally invasive cardiac procedures, has been acquired by  Lake Region Medical, Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Minnesota-based  Lake Region Medical.

Lake Region Medical, which is headquartered in Chaska, Minnestoa,  has had its subsidiary  in New Ross County Wexford since 1994 and the merger will see over 800 people employed in the Wexford and Galway locations.  No jobs will be lost in the acquisition and the company hopes that more jobs can be created in the coming years in its Irish and U.S. locations.

“Based on performance, Brivant Medical has a very stable and capable management team,” said Global Marketing Director Ron Von Wald. “Lake Region Medical not only purchased Brivant Medical for its assets, but also for its outstanding personnel at all levels of the organization.”