August 05, 2021

The Sheep and Wool Centre, Leenane, County Galway

For over 25 years the Sheep and Wool Centre in Leenane, County Galway has been welcoming individuals, families, educational and tour groups to enjoy daily wool craft demonstrations.

Founded in 1992 by Michael and Kathleen O'Toole, they had a vision of preserving and protecting the traditions and skills of the local sheep and woolen industry in Connemara.

A family business through and through, their daughter Aine and husband Gregg took over the management of the Sheep and Wool Centre in 2009. While another daughter, Orla, has taken on the part of museum demonstrator and resident sheep farmer. 

You will find the Sheep and Wool Centre in the picturesque village of Leenane, snugly situated at the head of Killary Harbour. The area is known as the 'Gateway to Connemara' due to the fact that the roads from Galway, Clifden, and Westport meet at this point.

There was once a thriving wool hand craft industry in Leenane 100 years ago and today in the Sheep and Wool Centre the special arts of carding, spinning and weaving are shown in live demonstrations. 

Finish off your visit with lunch and tea at the centre's Killary Café and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Killary Fjord. 

Find out more about the Sheep and Wool Centre here.