June 21, 2022

WATCH: Matt Molloy's Pub in Westport, County Mayo

Have a pint of Guinness in the pub owned by Matt Molloy, the famous Irish musician and Chieftains band member.

Matt Molloy's Pub in Westport, County Mayo is well known by the legion of fans and trad session lovers that gather every night of the week for a taste of traditional music, as dark and deep as the pints that are poured in the pub. 

The pub manages to keep the sense of intimacy that is vital for the music to flourish and knowing that traditional musicians prefer cozy nooks and crannies, Matt Molloy has purposely kept the pub small.

If he's not on tour, Matt joins in the session and if you have been dazzled by his flute playing with the Chieftains, you can sit down here for the price of a pint and hear the same music up close and personal.

About Matt Molloy

Matt was born in Ballaghadereen, County Roscommon, an area well known for flute players.  He learned flute and whistle from his father and by the age of eighteen, he had won the All-Ireland Flute Championship.

He moved to Dublin in the mid-1960s where he started playing in the music scene and became acquainted with Paddy Moloney, who invited him to join The Chieftains in 1979. The band is recognized for reinventing traditional Irish music on a contemporary and international scale.

Matt has released several highly acclaimed solo albums and even recorded a live session album in his famous pub, which has been visited by many from far and wide, including Twiggy, Noel and Liam Gallagher,  to name but a few.

Find out more information about Matt Molloy's Pub here.