June 23, 2021

Connemara Blue Artisan Glass, Co. Galway

Connemara Blue creates handcrafted and kiln-fused glass pieces in their workshop in Clifden, the 'Capital of Connemara'.

Connemara Blue was founded in Clifden in 2010 by established glass artist Ben Crow.  Wendy Debrock-Jeffries joined the team in 2012, followed by Tash Coplestone-Crow in 2020.

With a strong focus on unique, contemporary design, and inspired by their love of the Connemara landscape, they have created one-of-a-kind glass art pieces and gifts to suit all budgets, which are valued by collectors worldwide.
As well as their own unique glass pieces and gifts, Connemara Blue also offer a bespoke design service.

Meet the team:

Ben Crow knew from the very first moment he put cutter to glass that he found something special. He finds the gentle curves, flowing lines, and varying colors of the Connemara landscape enjoyable to represent in glass, especially in larger pieces.

Tash Coplestone-Crow is a classically trained musician and teacher with over 20 years in the music education industry. She finally took the plunge and joined the Connemara Blue Team in January 2020, and has gone on to develop her own 'Crazy Bird' range and has designed and created larger pieces, including wall panels, bowls, and plates.

Pauline Crow previously worked in nursing and teaching before joining glass-making relatively late in the brand’s history. Having largely taught herself the basics of glass cutting, she has developed a fantastically quirky set of 'Fairy Garden' decorations and coasters, each with its own distinct and charming character.

The only place you can buy original Connemara Blue is in their store or on their website. You can visit their workshop at Connemara Blue, The Pink House, Market Square, Clifden, Co Galway. You can also check them out on Facebook or Instagram