The Weinergate scandal has exposed a sitting Congressman to be a "new media" flasher without the trench coat. But instead of just exposing himself and disturbing the peace of a relatively few on a subway car, Weiners scandal has gone viral. Millions have been exposed to his peccadilloes and Weinergate has become a household name. What was he thinking?

Despite the compromising evidence, calls from some of his political colleagues for his resignation and a call for a congressional "investigation", Congressman Weiner has vowed to stay in office. Many will use this decision to their advantage.

One politician who is grateful for the Weinergate scandal, is none other than Ex California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is embroiled in his own a high profile sex scandal of epic proportions. He was in the midst of his own firestorm of love child and looming high profile divorce from a Kennedy when the Weinergate scandal overshadowed his scandal. Arnold is grateful for the temporary reprieve of being off the front pages of the New York Times/Irish Central.

The Weinergate scandal was perfectly timed to erupt with dismal financial news for the Obama administration. Instead of the Obama administration being pilloried for squandering the "stimulus" money which is driving the country in deeper debt & seeing the unemployment figures rise ominously, the press has been focused on Weiners sexcapades. So the longer this scandal lingers, it gives the administration more time to spin this to their advantage. The timing is rather suspicious though.

Many Republicans have already called for the Congressman to resign, but is that what they really want him to do? The Republicans learned a hard lesson from the Clinton/ Lewinsky scandal when public opinion went against them after it was perceived they were too harsh on the sitting President. So there is doubt that the Republicans will press for a resignation.

If Weiner stays in office though, this will be a boon for Republicans. A "wounded Weiner" will no longer be able to be the liberal "pitbull" of the House. A wounded Weiner presence will taint the Democrats with an air of scandal permeating the whole Democrat party. Every Democrat politician will be asked to either defend Weiner or condemn him, in order to get it on the record.

Yes the sanctimonious among the politicians will condemn Weiner and call for his resignation. But the Machiavellian among them will secretly urge him to stay, for their own selfish reasons.

Does Weiner have the necessary narcissism and chutzpah he has so often displayed over the years, to endure the firestorm of criticism and stay in his seat? Many hope so.

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