After Guinness pioneering the use of nitrogen in draught beer, they wanted to do the same thing in a can – which is how they invented the widget. A nitrogen-infused sphere that surges with nitrogen with the pressure change that occurs when you open the can. In this video, the brewers and a our in-house widget guru will show you how it works and what it looks like.

Background: IPAs were invented in England in the early 1800s, a time when Guinness happened to be the biggest brewer in the world. Their idea was to re-interpret the original English-style IPA with same nitrogen infusion we use in our classic Draught Stout.

Tasting: The result is a creamy, smooth, flavorful IPA that's less aggressively hoppy than the typical American-style. Expect a nose of tangy grapefruit peel with gentle woodsy pine notes, leading to a taste rich with earthy maltiness; citrus and grassy complexity from the hops; and a fruity edge that comes from the esters created by the Guinness yeast during fermentation.