Some Irish inspired recipes to help create the perfect menu for your Independence Day celebrations.Getty images

It's almost the 4th of July!

To get you in the spirit of things before the weekend, here are some Irish-inspired recipes to help create the perfect menu for your Independence Day celebrations.

1. Irish apple pie

This Fourth of July staple gets its Irish up by adding a touch of Bailey’s Irish cream.

2. Grilled Irish Salmon

Tired of boring hamburgers and hot dogs? Impress your taste buds with some grilled Irish salmon on the Fourth of July.

3. Grilled Irish leg of lamb

Put your barbecue to work by grilling up some Irish lamb for the Fourth.

4. Irish mixed grill

This traditional Irish meal is barbecue-friendly and perfect for Fourth of July cooking.

5. Bailey’s Irish cream fruit dip

A delicious dipping treat to beat the early July heat. Perfect to bring to a parade or to watch fireworks at night.

6. Irish potato salad

An easy and delicious Irish inspired recipe that’s perfect for the Fourth of July.

7. Grilled Irish steak and vegetables

Ireland’s famous for its fresh beef, so pay homage to the homeland with this classic BBQ meal.

8. Iced Irish Coffee

Take a break from the July heat with this refreshing and delicious Irish cocktail.

9. Irish strawberry shortcake

Strawberry shortcake will make kids happy during a fireworks display, and will please adults when coupled with a nice cocktail!

10. Blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake

This recipe for Fraughan (the old Irish term for wild blueberries) pie was taken from the ‘Ballykissangel Cookbook.’ Blueberry pie is a perfect way to round out your Fourth of July festivities.

*Originally published in 2015.